Act 60 - Puerto Rico

The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Tax Incentives

As an informed home buyer, understanding the advantages of Act 60 is crucial to making an informed decision. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how Act 60 benefits home buyers in Puerto Rico, making it a compelling option for those seeking a dream home in this tropical paradise.

What is Act 60 Puerto Rico?

Act 60, also known as the "Individual Investors Act," is a groundbreaking tax incentive that Puerto Rico offers to attract savvy home buyers. Designed to boost the economy and promote investment in the local real estate market, this Act provides a range of enticing benefits to potential home buyers.

Why Act 60 Matters for Real Estate Buyers

100% Tax Exemption on Interest and Dividends: With Act 60, investors can enjoy a full exemption on interest and dividends earned in Puerto Rico. Imagine the financial freedom of earning income tax-free, giving you more capital to invest in your dream property.

100% Tax Exemption on Capital Gains: One of the most significant advantages of Act 60 is the complete exemption on capital gains taxes. When you decide to sell your Puerto Rican property, you can retain 100% of your profits, fueling your future investments.

Reduced Income Tax Rates: Under Act 60, eligible investors benefit from significantly reduced income tax rates. These reduced rates allow you to maximize your income potential and accelerate your real estate portfolio growth.

Wealth Preservation and Growth: Investing in Puerto Rico's real estate market under Act 60 means not only preserving your wealth through tax incentives but also experiencing long-term growth potential. The thriving market offers ample opportunities for appreciation, securing your financial future.

Accelerated ROI on Real Estate Investments: Thanks to the tax savings and wealth-building potential, Act 60 ensures that your return on investment (ROI) in Puerto Rican real estate is accelerated compared to other markets.

How to Qualify for Act 60

Eligibility for Act 60 is based on specific criteria, and understanding the application process is vital for prospective home buyers. Our experienced real estate agents at Clear Ocean Group are well-versed in Act 60 regulations and can guide you through the process with ease.

Investing in a home in Puerto Rico under Act 60 can be a game-changer for your financial future. As a home buyer, this unique tax incentive empowers you to make the most of your resources and build a thriving life in this breathtaking Caribbean paradise. Contact Clear Ocean Group today and take the first step towards owning your dream home under Act 60 in Puerto Rico. Let us help you unlock the unparalleled benefits and opportunities that await you!

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