There are two main reasons why you need an experienced broker when selling your home in Dorado Beach.

Maximize Profits
Full Exposure - To get the highest sales price, you need to reach the largest audience of buyers possible, and that is what we guarantee. If you think the offer from a buyer responding to a simple Facebook post is good, just wait until EVERYONE who's looking for a home in Dorado Beach knows you're selling.
Insider Information -  Our brokers negotiate real estate transactions in Dorado Beach every day and we have real-time, insider information from ongoing negotiations. We can help you get top dollar for your property.
Closing Costs - Closing costs can be expensive and having an experienced broker negotiate those terms in advance can save you a lot of money.
Creative Contracts - We have broad experience negotiating non-standard sales contracts that include non-cash items, such as leasebacks, golf carts, furniture, closing dates, structured financing, etc. Our expertise can materially impact the overall value of the sale in your favor.
Attention to Detail - Having our expert brokers look over the terms of the sale and corresponding contracts has saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Successful and Seamless Closings
Experienced Professionals - It is a fact that transactions with experienced brokers have a higher probability of closing. Selling in Dorado Beach entails more than agreeing on a sales price. It also demands a deep understanding of required documents and the ability to guide you through the details, disclosures, and expenses of selling your home, which is what we provide and more. Most importantly, we screen potential buyers before they even step foot inside your property to make sure they are financially qualified.
Relationships - Finding the right service providers to facilitate a quick closing can be time-consuming and expensive. We have a broad network of notaries, lawyers, inspectors, tax specialists, mortgage lenders and repairmen to help the process move forward quickly.
Objective Perspectives - Selling your home can be an emotional rollercoaster. Sometimes you need an objective third party to manage expectations and keep things on track. We have provided this service to our clients in the past and will do it for you.

Why does it matter who you list with?

Who Profits in the Deal
Dorado Beach property owners who try to sell privately or use discount brokers to “save on commission” place themselves at a huge disadvantage. This is often penny-wise, but pound-foolish. Sellers can make 10-20% more, net of fees, by using a broker who aggressively markets their property to buyers all over the world.
Commitment to the Client
We put your best interest above everything else. Some listing agents are willing to “privately market” pocket listings in the hopes of not having to share a commission. AVOID THIS! The broker is the only one who wins in this scenario. Aggressive, public marketing leads to more potential buyers which leads to a higher sales price.
Buyers Need Responsive Listing Agents
Please answer your phone! It’s happened to everyone in Puerto Rico--if your broker doesn’t answer your phone calls or texts, then what makes you think he or she is working hard to sell your property by responding to other brokers and/or potential buyers?
Marketing Pays Off
To get the best price, you need the best marketing. Absent a material investment in a professional marketing plan, you won't reach all potential buyers and you won’t get the best price for your property.

Expect professional photography, virtual tours, and captivating descriptions that showcase your home's unique selling points. Plus, our extensive network amplifies your reach, bringing in serious offers from pre-approved buyers.
Flexible Availability
Selling your property should be your agent’s #1 priority. If his or her schedule is not flexible enough to accommodate you, buyer’s agents, or other potential buyers, then you could miss a sales opportunity or not get the best sales price.

Why is Clear Ocean Group the best broker for you?

We Relocated Here Too
Our founder, Amanda Grover, relocated from New York City where she developed luxury-market knowledge and demonstrated superb professionalism and superior marketing skills; knowledge and abilities she is already using in Puerto Rico. She is an expert in helping families relocate to the island.
Our Reputation Speaks for Itself
Puerto Rico is a small island and our reputation is everything. Most of our clients are from word of mouth and we're very proud of our client testimonials.
Access to Buyers
In a hot market like Dorado Beach, anyone can sell a property, but getting the highest price requires making sure ALL potential buyers know about it and have access to the property.  The few percentage points owners "save" by not listing with a good, full-service broker like Clear Ocean Group are usually lost because they miss out on increased buyer traffic, more qualified buyers, more offers and a higher sales price.
We Are a Full Service Brokerage
Many obstacles present themselves before, during, and after a contract is signed. These obstacles cost sellers time, money, and peace of mind. Our experience and attention to detail allow us to navigate these issues and make sure your sale closes.
An exclusive listing agreement with Clear Ocean Group provides you with top tier service, superior marketing, and gets every possible buyer in your door. The marginal cost of our brokerage commission is usually paid for through a higher sales price and a smoother transaction; not to mention fewer headaches as well.

What can you expect from us?

Professional photographs and 3D video of your property
Property Listings
List your property across all listing platforms (Zillow, Clasificados, Point2Homes, etc.)
Attention to Detail
Make sure your property listing has accurate information
Paid Digital Marketing
Paid online and social media marketing strategy
Direct Mail
Paid direct mail campaign to all residents in the community
Social Media Announcements
Property availability announcement in all relevant Facebook and WhatsApp groups
Active Networking
Property availability announcement sent personally to all relevant brokers, past/present clients, residents in the community, investors and friends/family.
Timely communication 24/7 via phone, text, whatsapp, email, etc.
Honest feedback and suggestions to get the highest price possible
Professional Negotiators
Negotiating real estate deals is what we do everyday
Real-time market data to assist with pricing and decision-making

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