There are two main reasons why you need an experienced broker when buying a home in Dorado Beach.

Real Estate Agent Shaking Hands
Sanity - In Puerto Rico, it takes a lot of time and patience to find available properties, get responses from owner representatives and schedule appointments.
Experience - Puerto Rico is different from the continental US in many ways. The entire real estate process, from starting your search to moving into your new dream home, can be overwhelming. We’ve done it, we’ve helped countless others do it, and we’ll help you do it too.
Speed - Good properties sell quickly and an experienced broker can expedite the process.
Inventory - A lot of Dorado Beach property owners and brokers don’t do a great job at marketing their listings. Buyers who don’t know the full breadth of inventory can be pressured into overpaying. The best deals are often the ones that buyers never hear about until it’s closed.
Information - There is no functioning MLS or central source of available listings with accurate data. Comparable sales data is also very hard to come by. We will help you by sharing everything we know.
Attention to Detail - Having our expert brokers look over the terms of the sale and corresponding contracts has saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Closing Costs - Closing costs can be expensive and having an experienced broker negotiate those terms in advance can save you a lot of money.

Why does it matter who you work with?

Home Buyer Going Over Financial Documents
Fiduciary Duty
We do all the research to find homes regardless of the listing agent or commission offered by the seller. We will show you everything to make sure you find your ideal home; FSBO, discount broker listings, broker pocket listings, publicly marketed properties, etc.
Gaining a 1st look at properties by leveraging our personal relationships with other listing agents can sometimes help avoid a bidding war and save you up to 20% off the final purchase price.
Please answer your phone! It’s happened to everyone in Puerto Rico...if your broker doesn’t answer your phone calls or texts, then what makes you think they are working hard to find your home?
Finding the right service providers to facilitate a quick closing can be time-consuming and expensive. We have a broad network of notaries, lawyers, inspectors, tax specialists, mortgage lenders and repairmen to help the process move forward quickly.
Make sure your broker stays on top of things so you don’t have to. We do what we say we’re going to do and follow up until things get done.

Why is Clear Ocean Group the best broker for you?

Real Estate Agents Negotiating Prices
Our founder, Amanda Grover, relocated from New York City and has helped many others make the move as well. She understands the obstacles buyers face during the relocation process.
Work Ethic
We have the NYC work ethic and are quick to respond to text, WhatsApp, email and phone calls 24/7/365. We don't sleep so you can.
Insider Information
We negotiate real estate transactions in Dorado Beach everyday and we have real-time, insider information from ongoing negotiations. We know when it’s a good deal and when it’s not.
Our reputation is everything and Puerto Rico is a very small island community. We would never risk our reputation, but you don't have to take our word for it. We're very proud of our client testimonials.
We are a specialized real estate brokerage in Dorado Beach and Condado for families moving to Puerto Rico because that’s what we do best.
With luxury real estate experience from NYC, LA, and Puerto Rico, we understand what discerning buyers expect.
We have broad experience negotiating non-standard sales contracts that include non-cash items, such as leasebacks, golf carts, furniture, closing dates, structured financing, etc. Our expertise can materially impact the overall value of the sale in your favor.
Our past clients are now friends. As native English speakers, there’s less room for miscommunication.

What can you expect from us?

Group of Professionals Discussing Plans for a Home
We will pick you up and show you different communities, explain the nuances of each, and help you make an informed decision.
We schedule and confirm your viewings.
We are constantly exploring the market for new opportunities and sharing the fruits of that labor with you.
We do virtual walkthroughs via video calls for buyers who cannot be physically present.
We provide an itinerary and summary documentation for the properties you will see along with comparable sales data.
We will knock on doors and find the property you want in the community you want even if it's not publicly for sale.
Due to our exclusive client agreements, we do not have a vested interest in pushing our own listings or listings that offer the highest commission. We are free to share honest opinions without implicit bias towards properties offering the highest commissions.
We never give up on a transaction. We will explore all options, no matter how unconventional, to close on your next home.
We push for our clients so you don’t have to be the “bad guy.” We make sure you get your dream home without the uncomfortable back and forth.

Puerto Rico real estate can be an overwhelming process and there are many obstacles and unfamiliarities, especially if you are not familiar with the island and how things work here. Having someone you trust to hold your hand through the entire buying process can make the experience seamless and smooth, reassure you where market value is, introduce and explain the different neighborhoods in Dorado and San Juan, and walk you through the legal and financial process of buying and selling a home are only a few of the things we guarantee our clients. Most importantly, we offer transparency and provide advice and guidance in the same way we would for our family.

  • Where do I start?
  • Which neighborhoods do I want to explore?
  • Is buying/selling similar to the states?
  • Is everything in Spanish?
  • How do I know if I am getting a good deal or overpaying?
  • Is there a better time to start looking to buy to avoid the crowds?
  • Where are most people relocating to the island buying homes?
  • What is a realistic budget?
  • How does the real estate market work in PR?
We'll help you answer these questions, amongst all other inquiries as part of our tailored home-buying process.

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